Nottingham, England

“I am so bloody excited to get started with the new machine, it’s been the best thing I have ever done, I am earning stupid money and constantly fully booked!”

Runcorn, England

“Each and every one at BBL has made my experience joining the non surgical industry worth it. It’s made me grow as person on a personal level with my confidence and it has gave me the opportunity to achieve the unthinkable for my amazing family and financially”

Salisbury, England

“BBL has changed my business so much – it transforms my clients lives and has been so popular”

Lancaster, England

“I love being my own boss having my own business and working my own hours”

Swanscombe, England

“All of my regular clients were wanting this treatment, the BBL machine sculpts, it gets rid of the fat, it tightens the skin it gets rid of stretch marks and cellulite, it was just a no brainer for me! It is an easy treatment to do and such a good income”

Stafford, England

“My main aim is to build self confidence in all my clients, and every single one has left my clinic with the widest smile and you can really see it shine through!”

Iverness, Scotland

“My business is going from strength to strength. My books are fully booked all the time. The potential is just amazing. I hope more people get involved with this amazing machine!”

Prestatyn, Wales

“Brazilian Booty Lift has helped our business take off so much. We are so glad we took the risk living in a small town, but it’s certainly paid off!”

Manchester, England

“The perfect addition to my aesthetics business. I love the machine & my clients love the results!”

Deeside, Wales

“I’ve had some absolutely amazing results and I’ve been booked up practically since my first day! I can’t get over it”

Mold, Wales

“Definitely found my new passion in life! Such a life changing treatment to offer people that helps them so much in their confidence! This is something you definitely should not miss out on!”

Manchester, England

“All clients enjoy the treatment as it is comfortable and pain free. Not only do they see a reduction in fat and firming but they all report an improvement in skin texture and smoothness.”

Essex, England

“I’m beyond grateful to BBL for the training, I have no words with the reception I have had since offering this treatment! I want to get another machine and have someone else working besides me”

East London, England

“I’ve had a lot of extra income since getting the machine and I’ve finally been able to have my salon redecorated and go on more training courses!”

Liverpool, England

“I not only love my job but I love the treatment and I can’t recommend BBL enough! I am fully booked including evenings and now need a second machine. I’m forever grateful to the team for the constant support in my journey.”

North London, England

“I opened up a home based beauty clinic and can hands down say BBL is what gave my business that kick start! Brazilian Booty Lift has worked absolute wonders for my business.”

Liverpool, England

“I decided to join the BBL family in early August 2019, by 28th of August I was fully qualified and performing treatments on my very own clients! Setting up my own business at first was very daunting, but with the unbelievable help and support by various BBL members I found my feet and my confidence and haven’t looked back since!”