Annabelle Lawrence – Boss in Beauty

We had a catch up with Fashion Designer, Founder of @annabellelawrenceswim & all round Boss In Beauty Annabelle Lawrence after her Brazilian Booty Lift treatment! Check out what she had to say below!

How did your first Brazilian Booty Lift at our BBL HQ go?
AL: The therapist was very professional and talked me through each step and the treatment itself was pain free. The rest of the team were lovely as well and made me feel really welcome. I really enjoyed it, it felt like having a massage!

What were your results like?
AL: My bum felt peachy and lifted straight away! I train in the gym a lot so keeping up with the after care shouldn’t be hard for me as I drink lots of water as well.

Let’s talk surgery VS non surgical treatments! What are your thoughts on this?
AL: With non surgical treatments like these becoming more and more popular, you can feel more body confident whilst being safe and worry free. You have the opportunity to try all of these things without risking your life and going under the knife, it’s a no brainer. This is a much better alternative!

Talk to me about body confidence and what makes you feel confident?
AL: I feel confident when I’ve been working at the gym. Feeling healthy and well in myself. Girls doing it for themselves rather than pleasing the opposite sex!

How does your swimwear line tie in to body confidence in women?
AL: My swimwear line is made to measure to ensure all women feel confident and happy in their own skin and we’re not defined by a size. I love the quote “Doing you for you” and I think non invasive treatments go hand in hand with this quote because it’s just a little confidence boost all women need now and again!

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