Incase you missed it, we unveiled our Latest Non- Surgical body contouring machine at Professional Beauty UK ExCeL London, the weekend of 8th April. 

This EMS machine involves the painless stimulation and contraction of the muscles, using revolutionary technology to build and sculpt the muscles. A 30-minute treatment is the equivalent to 25,000 super muscle contractions, which helps to burn unwanted excess fat. 

The Medii Tone can be used alone, in conjunction with our Sculpt 102 Machine, or Medii Sculpt Face and body for the ultimate contour and tone!  

Join thousands of students who are now experts in body shaping and facial contouring using our innovative devices, methods, and techniques, creating jaw dropping results!   

Work with an established worldwide recognised brand that will support you on your new venture as an aspiring contour practitioner, in the process of becoming experts in this in-demand career field. Here at BBL we have supported thousands of students on their journey which has transformed their life and their business. Our fully accredited training courses which are delivered through our online platform and face to face academy training ensures that the standard of teaching is exceptionally high meaning that you will leave our academy full of confidence. 

Register your interest today, click below to find out how you can become a BBL Stockist and earn 10k EACH and EVERY month! 


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