Brazilian Booty Lift machine has taken the world by storm.  

We are passionate about breaking you into the non-surgical aesthetics industry and generating an income that gives you the key to freedom. 

Like hundreds of our official Brazilian Booty Lift stockists you can live your dream lifestyle, travel business class and spend as much time with your family as you wish whilst providing a service your customers will love. 

Brazilian Booty Lift provides you with all the tools you need to begin your journey in the non-surgical contouring industry from our revolutionary full body & facial contouring machines, accredited training paths into the industry and marketing tools to explode you onto the scene. 

Start your booty business today using our range of purchasing options and create the life you’ve been craving! Whether you’re looking for government funding incentives, an all-inclusive short-term subscription or business finance, we’ve got a package to suit your business needs.

Our business model will completely transform your business and ramp up your profits!  

Don’t just take our word for it just listen to what some of our stockists have to say! 

It’s time you really upgraded yourself and your business! 

You can expect high vibe energy and high level business support to becoming a Bo$$ In Beauty!  

Every smart business owner should always be on the lookout for the next exciting treatment that will drive your business and your profits…. Is this you?    

Working long hours & performing endless treatments is beyond frustrating, right 

You’re confident, enthusiastic, driven and know you are made for so much more . . . 

How would it feel to generate £10,000 plus every month whilst working 5 hours a day 5 days per week?   

Purchasing your BBL dream machine will change your business as it has for hundreds of our trained Booty Lift practitioners.  

Jamie Lee Jones

BBL has changed my business so much – it transforms my clients lives and has been so popular

Lindsay Owens

All of my regular clients were wanting this treatment, the BBL machine sculpts, it gets rid of the fat, it tightens the skin it gets rid of stretch marks and cellulite, it was just a no brainer for me! It is an easy treatment to do and such a good income

Alexandra Ritchie

I love being my own boss having my own business and working my own hours

Emma McMaw

I would have never hit 10k with my day to day salon business, I would have had to work 7 days weeks and 12 hour days, it’s just not possible. So with bringing BBL in and hitting those 10k months has just been insane it has literally turned my whole business around. It’s hard to even explain how much it changes things for you and is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Natalie Kelso

I was wanting to own my own business but I knew it was just about finding my niche. Now I think I’ve found that. I feel very fortunate.

Macy Beattie

I came today for my training! I can’t believe how much I have learnt in only one day, everything is so thorough and in depth aswell as all the girls being so friendly and welcoming. Cannot wait to start my journey.

Charlene Pirrie

I have just completed my practical training at bbl and I am so excited to get started.
Megan and the girls have been amazing so informative and helpful.
Thank you so much for all your help.

Anamaria Ivanus

I had a great experience with Brazilian Booty Lift. Very well trained and friendly staff, ready to answer to all your questions. I really reccomend the Brazilian Booty Lift Academy if you want to be very well trained by professional staff.

Silem Hazim-Shojaei

Amazing training, all questions have been answered when needed. Professional all the way. I love my machine and have been seeing insane results! My clients and myself love it! Highly recommended

Heather Carter

Each and every one at BBL has made my experience joining the non surgical industry worth it. It’s made me grow as person on a personal level with my confidence and it has gave me the opportunity to achieve the unthinkable for my amazing family and financially

Shelby Clarke

I’ve made £3,000 since training 8 days ago! I am so proud of myself and I’m only working weekends


Emily Barratt

My main aim is to build self confidence in all my clients, and every single one has left my clinic with the widest smile and you can really see it shine through!


Jessica Landim

I’m beyond grateful to BBL for the training, I have no words with the reception I have had since offering this treatment! I want to get another machine and have someone else working besides me


Shannon Hewitt

I’ve had some absolutely amazing results and I’ve been booked up practically since my first day! I can’t get over it!


Vicky Kadri

I’ve had a lot of extra income since getting the machine and I’ve finally been able to have my salon redecorated and go on more training courses!

Here at Brazilian Booty Lift, we are an official government approved and backed business. Meaning you can feel confident when you’re taking the first steps to building your Booty Business.  

We can accommodate your circumstance with a range of funding and leasing options for startups, existing established business and customers with poor credit.


At Brazilian Booty Lift, we are dedicated to moving your life & business forward, helping you to dramatically increase your income. With profits in excess of £100 per hour, earning over £10,000 each month has never been easier…

We understand that our stockists not only want to provide their customers with a treatment that they will love, but also that they are committed to expanding and scaling their existing or new business. The BBL treatment does just that.

A day at £100 per client
Each day
Each Month